Faith groups sponsoring climate change workshop



There is a growing awareness that climate change is the greatest challenge facing life on Earth as we know it.

The recent massive demonstration in New York and in other communities was a world-wide call for leaders of all countries to take action.

The Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship and Comox United Church are very much aware of this reality and of the need to raise awareness at the local level.

This is why they are sponsoring a six session course on Facing the Climate Change Era.

It will take place on the first Wednesday evening of the next six months beginning Oct.  1.  It will run from 7-9 p.m. on the second floor of the Comox United Church, 250 Beach Drive in Comox.

The course will cover the impacts of this climate change era.

It will discuss the need for a new way of thinking about and living our relationship with Earth through the New Cosmology and an Earth Spirituality.

It will also consider Earth Law and the Rights of Nature, the moral and ethical implications of the climate change era, and practical steps for adopting this new awareness in the Comox Valley community.

Mike Bell will co-ordinate the course.

For more information and/or a summary of each session contact Mike at 250-890-3671; email