Home and Garden Tour an adventure of discovery

On Saturday, June 24, Cumberland hosts the ​2017 Cumberland Home and Garden Tour, offering curious explorers an exclusive glimpse into the homes, gardens,​ churches, studios and built​ spaces of the legendary village​.​

The third annual tour features 1​4​ unique properties all within biking or walking distance. Visitors will get the chance to explore lush food gardens, ponds​ ​and fountains, beautiful rock work, entertaining spaces, ​artist studios, ​stunning ​wood work​ and restorations​, homes on wheels, apartments, heritage gems,​ modern builds,​ herb gardens, fruit trees, berries, flowers, tortoises (yes, tortoises!)​, plant sales and more.​

Downtown Cumberland offers great spots for refreshment breaks throughout the day!.

The ​tour is a​ perfect​ ​reflection of the eclectic character of the village, filled with surprises, twists and turns.

Tickets are $25. All proceeds support the Cumberland​ ​Community Forest Society, and its efforts to purchase and protect forest lands surrounding Cumberland.​ The society is working towards a purchase of more than 100 hectares of land alongside Perseverance Creek​. This purchase follows close on the heels of a successful 40-hectare purchase in 2016.

Find online ticket links at www.cumberlandforest.com. Or stop by ​Design Therapy or Art Knapps in Courtenay, or ​Jipsi Tree or Rusty Rooster in Cumberland.

Tickets are redeemed for tour passports on June 2​4 in Village Square starting at 9 a.m.

The tour runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.