Site C shows we need electoral reform

The thought that comes to mind when reading the viewpoint of Tom Fletcher on June 13 is that time has changed since the former premier W.A.C. Bennett. I remember an article about the Site C Dam in the local Sentinel in the September/October issue of 2016. This is a small part of it:

“In an unprecedented move, over 300 of the top researchers and legal scholars, backed by the Royal Society of Canada, have called on Prime Minister Trudeau to pause Site C, the “most destructive project ever reviewed in the history of the Canadian environmental assessment.” Harry Swain, former chair of the Joint Review Panel on Site C, called out the B.C. government for “going hell for leather in pursuit of a wildly unprofitable project” with the disastrous Hydro rate hikes and “truly awful economics.” And a UBC study released in July showed that other renewables like wind and solar would help Canada achieve its climate goals more quickly and more cheaply than Site C.”

Why is that only China manufactures solar panels for purchase in B.C.? Twenty years ago the U.S. produced better quality solar panels than what we can get today! It is time to create jobs that contribute to the well-being of people and our planet, because there will not be jobs on a dead planet.

Tom Fletcher ended his article by mentioning the unionized workers on the site. Well, this confirms what many people believe. Power corporations and unions contribute money to advance their own agenda.

We need electoral reform!

Alex Brooks