‘Trumpism’ not needed in Comox Valley

Dear editor,

On page A37 in your June 15 paper there is a full-page advertisement referring to three of the Gang of Five Courtenay councillors on a taxpayer trip.

Representing your community is not an easy job. It requires strength of character, commitment and the courage to make public stands on particular issues. We have a democratic system that elects a variety of people every four years to represent us as best they can. That is the time to make changes to our representatives.

This advertisement is a small example of what is happening in the United States with Mr. Trump in charge. Finger pointing, blaming, making comments and assumptions about what these representatives are doing at a national convention without any facts. We don’t need “Trumpism” in the Comox Valley. We don’t need people who are too gutless to attach their names to the ad. It is easy to criticize, make derogatory comments and hide behind some trumped up Comox Valley Taxpayers Alliance, it is another thing to make real positive change that benefits your community.

It is not the “Gang of Five” on Courtenay council we need to concern ourselves with; it is the “Gang of Bullies” that hide behind the Comox Valley Taxpayers Alliance.

Jim Gillis

Area B