We need seniors’ beds, cardiac care

I was happy to see that Island Health has finally taken initiative to provide services for MAiD for people who do not want to pass away in a faith-based service institution. But, at the same time I am happy that we have had the services of St. Joseph’s in the Valley that has been willing to serve us. I had recently been in hospital and received excellent care.

I have two concerns however:

1. That there is a definite need for cardiac care here in the Valley. When I was in emergency, there were three others in there dealing with cardiac issues the first time I was in. The second time wasn’t much better. I know we can’t have the fancy heart clinics they have in Victoria. But at least let us have a cardiologist here who can deal with our numerous issues. I dealt with an internist who was very good but he is not a cardiologist. We need more specialists and I don’t see Island Health expanding our services here.

2. As far as the situation with Glacier View wanting to join St. Joseph’s with another agency, I see no problem there. At least St. Joseph’s wants to step up to the plate which Island Health has been ignoring up until now. I worked in the health system for 25 years, and I can tell you that things could be run a lot better and we desperately need those services here.

I myself am getting older and since our population is aging, fighting over who looks after our elderly will only postpone things, and we won’t be ahead in getting those beds for those who need them, and for caregivers who are exhausted at home not being able to look after loved ones while we argue over who runs the place. Glacier View gives excellent care and so do all the others in the Valley. I think excellent care should be our priority and there needs to be a middle ground when it comes to spirituality.

I hope we are not going to get into a debate about who provides residential care, which St. Joseph’s has done as well as other facilities, and delay residential beds being provided for loved ones in the community.

Many in our community are waiting for beds RIGHT NOW and not five years from now.

Marikka Nicklin