November 22, 2012 · 4:10 PM

IN A SCENE from 100 years ago, Effie Mcfayden and a soldier stand in front of a home on Dunsmuir Avenue. / Photo courtesy Cumberland Museum and Archives

Every Friday we feature Valley history taken from our back issues.

Five years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

It was third reading for a second time.

Kensington Island Properties project in Union Bay once again got third reading from the regional district while an audience of a dozen supporters waited to hear the results.

"We collectively are very pleased," KIP vice-president Brian McMahon said. "We're looking forward to getting on with the job. It has been a long process that unfortunately had a bump in the road."

The residential/golf course project had been approved once by the Comox Strathcona Regional District board after more than a year of negotiations over the development agreement.

Ten years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

A 600-pound elk which tangled with a child's swing in a Union Bay backyard staggered away shaken and hungover but not seriously hurt. The two-year-old male wandered into the yard to lunch on ivy wrapped around a tree. He apparently didn't notice a swing hanging from the tree until he had tangled his antlers in the rope.

The elk struggled for several hours to free himself and was exhausted when the homeowner spotted him the next morning.

Wildlife biologist Kim Brunt shot a tranquilizer dart into the elk and untangled the rope after the animal passed out.

"He was quite played out and stressed but he didn't look any the worse for it except for a bad hangover," Brunt said.

Fifteen years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

A new patient-lift system at St. Joseph's Hospital will help reduce staff injuries, administrator Michael Pontus said. The system was a pilot project involving St. Joe's, the WCB and the Health Employers Association of B.C. Patients who need to be lifted lie in a fabric sling, hoisted by a lift mounted in an overhead track.

Twenty years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

Zoning for a gas bar at Superstore on Ryan Road sparked controversy at Courtenay council.

"So our city is being planned by developers," Coun. Bob Melnuk said as council voted to adopt the bylaw.

"We went through the public process. I think only one person spoke against it, and he was misinformed," Mayor Ron Webber said.

Twenty-five years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

Service clubs rushed to the rescue of Dusty's Den, a landmark building in Comox that was closed following an unfavorable report from the fire marshall.

Located next to Town hall, the municipally owned building used to provide a meeting place for several groups. But since a secret council session and the subsequent closure of the den, they made alternate arrangements.


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