January 3, 2013 · 1:06 PM

Every Friday we feature Valley history taken from our back issues.

Five years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

Most homeowners in the the Comox Valley were set to see a 10- to 15-per-cent increase in the value of their homes and properties.

The increase was expected for single-family homes in the area while apartments were expected to see a broader range of increase, between 10 and 30 per cent.

Ten years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

Hopes for Coal Bed Methane wells near Dove Creek were on hold while the Province sorted out mineral rights' laws and Priority Ventures prospected for cash.

Priority Ventures had been prospecting for natural gas on Vancouver Island for nearly 20 years and test holes drilled two years earlier indicated methane gas deposits in coal beds 2,000 to 3,000 below the surface in Dove Creek.

Drilling was delayed due to chronic shortness of cash, government regulations and ambiguous laws governing mineral rights, according to company president Neil Swift.

The company had hoped to started drilling in the spring.

Fifteen years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

A 56-foot boat made an emergency stop at the Comox Marina on New Year's Eve.

Montana resident Ray Knapp was nearing the end of his 2,400-mile solo round trip between Seattle and Alaska when his power boat, Seafarer,  began to leak near Campbell River.

He was just off Cape Lazo when the water in his hold cut off electricity.

"I knew I was in trouble when the lights went out and all the instruments quit," said Knapp. "The wind was blowing about 45 knots and the waves were very steep."

Comox Marine Rescue volunteers helped his cripple boat ashore.

Twenty years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

Plans for a skateboard park in Courtenay were in the works.

Courtenay council backed the proposed project in principle and authorized the Recreation Advisory Committee to look for a suitable site in a city park.

About 30 teens had already been busy raising money to build a skateboard park, which was estimated to cost $50,000 — of which the teens planned to raise $25,000.

Coun. Bob Melnuk said the teens seemed to be very serious about completing the project.

"They have a chap who has designed seven or eight skateboard parks across North America and he's prepared to work with them," he added.

Twenty five years ago this week in the Comox Valley Record:

Islands Trust politicians were strongly against a proposed new regional district that would include Denman and Hornby islands.

Trustees held an emergency meeting in Victoria in response to recommendations of a provincial legislative committee report calling for the gradual formation of a new regional district for the 13 islands.

According to Trust chairman Nick Gilbert, instead of full regional district status, the Islands Trust council wanted full legal powers and the ability to raise tax money for land-use planning.


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