Catch Me If You Can the Musical is an exciting story of the world’s greatest conman will be showing at the Sid Williams Theatre from July 18-22.

From caper to cinema to centre stage

This summer CYMC presents the musical Catch Me if You Can which, like the hit Leonardo DiCaprio film, is based on the incredible true life story of Frank Abagnale Jr. of Bronx, NYC.

No imposter in history has been as notoriously sly as Frank Abagnale Jr. Amassing a total of eight stolen identities including an airline pilot, doctor, lawyer, and stock broker, Abagnale was a man of opportunity and successfully scammed his way through every career that presented itself.

To fund his outrageous lifestyle, Abagnale stole more than 2.5 million dollars from across the U.S. and 26 different countries. Abagnale’s skill as a counterfeiter would prove invaluable as he successfully stole millions with forged cheques and printed himself fake documents to ‘prove’ his false identities, going as far as to forge a degree from Harvard University.

Abagnale evaded the FBI for years, changing identities and countries whenever they caught his scent. He escaped capture twice during his escapades: once from a taxiing plane and once from a Federal Detention Centre by impersonating a prison inspector.

Abagnale accomplished this all before his 20th birthday. After five years of conning his way through life, Abagnale was finally captured in France in 1969 where, after a brief prison stint, he agreed to aid the FBI in capturing other criminals who tried to follow Abagnale’s fraudulent footsteps.

Currently Frank Abagnale Jr. is now a successful CEO of his own security consulting company, is married with three children, and has written his life story in the highly acclaimed book Catch Me If You Can.

A story as tantalizing as Abagnale’s drew attention from the entertainment industry upon publication of his book. In 2002 the film adaptation of Catch Me If You Can was released. Directed by Steven Spielberg and scored by the imitable John Williams, the film featured an A-list cast of talent including Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, Ellen Pompeo, and, of course, Leonardo Dicaprio as Abagnale.

With a smash on the silver screen, the sparkling eyes of Broadway saw the potential of translating the story to the stage. In 2005 the creative team behind the blockbuster musical Hairspray got together to create the music and script for the musical adaptation to Frank Abagnale Jr.’s story.

Catch Me If You Can The Musical premiered on Broadway’s Neil Simon Theatre in 2011, receiving a Tony Award and four nominations including one for best musical and the show began touring in 2012.

Now it arrives for the first time ever in the Comox Valley. Catch Me If You Can the Musical is an exciting story of the world’s greatest conman will be showing at the Sid Williams Theatre from July 18-22 at 7:30 p.m. Brought to you by the same creative team behind Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, and Thoroughly Modern Millie, this production is sure to be just as exciting and glamorous as the life upon which it is based.