Put some mittens on and take the challenge

L'Arche using ice bucket challenge format in fundraising effort

  • Mon Dec 1st, 2014 4:00pm
  • News

Are you ready to take the Fit-in Mitten Challenge?

As part of the I Belong! campaign, L’Arche Comox Valley challenges you to experience disability and then tell us (and our community) about it. Taking the challenge is simple: find a pair of mittens – they don’t have to match – and then choose a task to attempt while wearing the mittens. Brush your teeth, write a cheque, get dressed, teach piano, make a cup of coffee, play basketball, cook dinner — then post a photo or video of yourself doing it and nominate three of your friends to take the Fit-in Mitten Challenge and to donate to the  I Belong! campaign.

Building on the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, L’Arche Comox Valley hopes that the Fit-in Mitten Challenge will raise awareness of the daily physical challenges that confront people who are  differently abled, but also to think about the bigger challenge of finding a place of belonging, a place where everyone  can ‘fit in’. That is what the I Belong! campaign is all about. So do it, donate and nominate!

To donate, go to bit.ly/1FDuJGX