Village to explore process of altering street names

At its July 10 meeting, Cumberland council directed staff to look into the process of rededicating or changing a street name, and the potential effects on residents and businesses.

Though he has no particular street in mind, Coun. Roger Kishi notes that 2018 will mark the centenary of the death of Ginger Goodwin — a prominent labor figure in B.C. and a key component of Miner’s Memorial weekend in Cumberland. He suggests the event could be recognized through a rededication/street name change.

“I think the Village should do something,” Kishi said.

Mayor Leslie Baird has no problem with the idea but harbours concern about the location of a re-named street because it could distress residents. She suggests Minto Road heading towards the cemetery could be an appropriate candidate for a name change. Coun. Sean Sullivan likes the idea.

Coun. Gwyn Sproule does not favour re-naming downtown streets.