Letters to the Editor

Quit beating up on Comox Valley Common Sense

Dear editor,

Enough already of beating up on Common Sense!

Although it has often been said, "Common sense isn't common," it certainly was during the 2011 municipal elections in the Comox Valley.

Even if they weren't going to vote for them, anyone with common sense knew that Manno Theos, John Ambler, (and yes) even Doug Hillian and Ronna-Rae Leonard were going to get re-elected in Courtenay. After all, theses councillors had done a good job.

With one councillor retiring and one running for mayor, there were  going to be only two seats available anyway.

It was a no-brainer when a former star of local politics said she was running again. She was so confident of a win that she had put the word re-elect on her signs so she could be ready for the next election!

Courtenay can always count on a couple of fringe candidates to run again. In fact they have run so many times that they only have to use their first name on their signs.

However, anyone with common sense knew they didn't have a chance either.

The new mayor of Courtenay can probably thank the outgoing councillor for a few votes when he said Larry wasn't a team player. Does anyone else see the irony in that statement coming from him!?

There were really only two issues that resonated with voters: water meters and $3 million on a shelter for the homeless.

Any candidate who supported water meters is not sitting on the council in Courtenay or Comox (with the exception of Mayor Ives, who barely beat out a political unknown by 40 votes).

There really were no surprises in the Comox election either.

Let's hope that one of the Grants will step up next election and put this water meter issue to bed for good. I mean really, water meters in a rainforest makes no sense at all!

All this whining about some group called Common Sense is an insult to the intelligence of the voters who used their common sense when they elected candidates of their choosing.

There is not a shred of evidence that some silly group of old retired guys made any impact on the election at all. So, unless someone can produce a few hundred voters who were influenced (one way or the other) by this elusive group called Common Sense, then give it a rest.

If there is an issue with a mailout list it should be addressed by Elections BC not by local council who should now get on with their civic duties.

If you want this group called Common Sense to go away, quit giving them what they want which is free publicity.

Paul  Weed,


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