December 6, 2012 · 5:35 PM

Dear editor,

We tend to hang our heads in collective shame when we review the historical acceptance of misguided propaganda that classified some groups of people as subhuman.

Misguided propaganda that resulted in: Hunting people for sport, using people as slaves, or wholesale genocide attempts of various people groups.

In the future we will be judged for our response to the present propaganda which names pre-born children as subhuman. The arguments are often pushed to the extreme ethical dilemmas of radical medical triage, when one life must be chosen over another.  However, our foundational default needs to reflect authentic respect for all people including the unborn child.

Fathers and mothers conceive the child. Mothers carry and deliver the child. Together they (should) nurture and raise the child, but never do they own the child.

Twenty years from now, society will be hanging its head in collective shame for our acceptance of misguided propaganda regarding the classification of pre-born children as subhuman.

Pastor Barry Falk,

Black Creek