December 20, 2012 · 3:12 PM

Dear editor,

I just got in from shovelling my driveway so I can get my car to the road that was plowed by the City last night.

Doing physical labour gives one a chance to ponder the world, and the pondering led me to these conclusions:

1. Snow is a rarity here in the valley,  beautiful but an inconvenience of sorts.

2. Why does the city spend thousands to clear snow off the streets and sidewalks when rain can do the job for free? I don’t need bare pavement 12 months a year.

3. The sidewalk in front of my house should be shovelled by me, or I can hire a high school student and give her some pin money for Christmas. $15 an hour sounds reasonable.

4. The city can, maybe, MAYBE scatter some salt and sand in the more dangerous areas, like hills and busy intersections close to schools.

5. People can learn to drive and walk according to the conditions of the road — August conditions don’t last 12 months of the year. Years ago, my dad told me it was the nut behind the wheel that caused accidents. Hmmm.

6. And if you can’t drive, there is always a taxi or public transit — a little walk to the bus stop will be good for your health.

Oh, yeah, and Merry Christmas to all and let not snow be a fright.

Cliff Boldt,



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