January 8, 2013 · 11:36 AM

Dear editor,

As most Canadians know by now, a First Nations chief has set up a teepee on Parliament Hills grounds in an attempt to meet with the prime minister.

The chief has instituted a hunger strike to achieve this endeavour. She is a middle-aged matron, motherly and well liked by the members of her nation, and passionate in her beliefs.

People like this are rare indeed, people such as Gandhi, Mandela and the Dali Lama. Compare the difference these people have

made and one is urged to ponder, why can’t she do it?

Which brings to mind the British cartoon of the '30s that depicted a stern, unwavering John Bull standing on the cliffs of Dover, clenched fists firmly planted on his hips, staring seaward, with

the caption reading VERY WELL, ALONE THEN.

This analogy could apply to the prime minister. He could enter the teepee alone carrying a symbolic feather of peace in his hand and

sincerity in his heart.

If he talked to the chief as he would his own mother, I'm sure you would be welcomed not only as a friend but as family.

He has nothing to lose. He has everything to gain.

Norman J. Whitley,

Comox Valley