January 15, 2013 · 11:24 AM

Dear editor,

I would hope that our local politicians read and digest the editorial from the Langley Times that was printed in your Jan. 4 paper.

This information was available for an extremely short time. I'm afraid it might have been missed by our councillors and CVRD directors.

I would also add, which was not stated, that the increase in MSP premiums of $60 will not be paid by our municipal workers, because the payment of these premiums is included in their contract. This added cost, to we the taxpayers is adding an extra burden on us.

When an increase in property taxes is announced, it is usually doled out in small bits and never given as the total amount for all taxes and services for the year and this is usually at least one per cent above the cost of living.

We, the taxpayers, are all tightening our belts to at least keep up with all these increases. I would think and hope, our leaders would recognize this fact when they lay another round of expenses on us.

Bernie Guyader,