January 15, 2013 · 11:29 AM

Dear editor,

I read today in the U.K. Manchester Guardian that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, ordered the Israeli Supreme Court to overturn the injunction they had issued for the Palestinians to protest peacefully at the village of Bab-Al Shams.

He also ordered the protesters removed. This action was carried out in the early hours of Jan. 13 by the Israeli Defence Force.

My first question is: Does the Israeli government uphold the rule of law, which in a democracy gives precedence to the courts to overrule a government edict? It does not appear so.

My second question is: When are the members of Canada’s Parliament going to call the Israeli government to task over its treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories?

There is a great deal of evidence of the Israeli government’s oppressive policies, not voiced in our media, but available for reading in the public arena. Do any of you deign to read some alternative news sources? Perhaps you should.

As a Canadian I am ashamed of our silence on/or tacit support of the Israeli government despite contrary evidence to its often-egregious actions.

Joy Johnston,