January 15, 2013 · 11:31 AM

Dear editor,

Dogs have become the new smoking.

It used to be that smokers had little or no care for the consideration of others. They would let their smoke get in your face without a bother.

They would flick their butts wherever they wanted. They stank of smoke when they were beside you.

Just a complete lack of caring for the people around them.

I find the same thing is happening with dogs. The dog feces in Comox is disgusting. The dog owners of this town should be ashamed of themselves.

The amount of dog feces in this town is disgusting and unhealthy. My children and I can't walk to town without stepping in something on the sidewalk.

Torrence  Road is polluted with dog feces. My kids can't and won't enjoy the Lazo Marsh forest for the dogs.

They are scared of the dogs that are running around off leash and jumping in their faces and knocking them over. They are tired of wanting to explore and all they find is dog feces on their gumboots (I wouldn't dare let them wear shoes there).

Some people aren't happy with a dog running up and jumping on them especially if they have had a bad experience with dogs. I am sure that a family out for a walk wouldn't want me running up to them and knocking them over then taking a dump on the path and leaving it there.

So why it it alright for dog owners to commit the same offence but because it is a dog doing it, it's OK?

I am asking the dog owners of Comox to respect those without dogs and to respect "our" parks and sidewalks as a place for all to use and enjoy, not just your dog.

Adam Irwin,