January 17, 2013 · 5:42 PM

Dear editor,

It seems of late there has been a spate of clarion calls about the fate, of the people of our Valley's morality.

Recently, already burdened by the weight of my existing corruption, I was astonished to see, on my TV, an ad for a real meat market, open for business in Courtenay.

As I watched, licked my lips, and bared my incisors, I found it difficult to resist the exposed temptation.

I was tempted like Adam to eat, as all I could see on the TV was lean, butterflied, low-cut, wrapped and rare, with an emphasis that I could appreciate, that lingered on the breasts and loins.

Loins, juicy yet firm and tender breasts, nicely pink, seasoned luscious, loins. There were plenty of fires and flames on this commercial, and lots of things that looked really hot. I wonder if the devil, like the steakhouse, serves veal on his menu?

Morality, is it on the menu? Broiled, braised, or barbecued, the choices are sinful; you can even have your meat stuffed. Young meat, aged meat, skewered in its prime: the steakhouse is decadent; suffering what I'm sure is a deserved and sizzling fame.

As the meat displayed on the sinfully seductive steakhouse commercial set my chops to drool, I realized that our pennish pastor might possess a simple sort of truth; that morality is on the menu. He may not be such a fool.

Steve W. Hodge,