January 25, 2013 · 9:18 AM

Dear editor,

Tonight was not an Idle No More protest; it was an education meeting where the ideals and strategies and the necessity of non-violent struggle was discussed.

The Treaty of 1763 was read and other treaties overviewed and the validity of First Nations rights shown. The living nature and relevance to today proven by the Government's own declaration at signing  that these treaties are valid as long as the grass grows the wind blows and the waters flow makes their struggle and claims valid to this day and will stand any court challenge.

The Canadian Constitution sections on First Nations rights were read. The declaration of Aboriginal rights by the United Nations was read and discussed.

All this to educate both First Nations and regular Canadians alike, to the fact that these rights and sovereignty are facts under international and national law. Even if ignored till now.

There were almost as many regular Canadians as First Nations people in attendance. Many K'ómoks First Nation people as well as Ojibwa and others were there.

This factual information is strengthening the resolve of the FN people to the factual validity of their rightful claims. Not a handout or welfare but their inalienable rights. Education trumps fear.

We danced, we sang and drummed. This was all done in the traditional big house around the fire.

I found it extremely emotional for me and the tears ran down my face. I will attend the next gathering/protest.

Tony McIntyre,

Comox Valley