January 29, 2013 · 1:07 PM

Dear editor,

The Adult Guardianship Act of British Columbia is a failure.

My family has experienced directly how the Act, and its implementation by health authorities, fails to protect the most vulnerable of aging adults, those suffering from dementia.

While major efforts are made to protect vulnerable children from predators, adults with dementia are left wide open to predation.

Dementia, whether from Alzheimer's or a stroke, leaves an adult in a very childlike condition, vulnerable to manipulation and abuse beyond their capacity to understand.

A lawyer, after reviewing the Act, said: “You could drive a big truck through this Act with your eyes closed, and not hit anything.”

I have been told that there is currently a review of the Act.

I would urge anyone who has experienced or seen the failures of the Act (and health authorities) to protect vulnerable adults to contact Ralph Sultan, minister of state for seniors.

Do it for your mother.

Michael Conway-Brown,

Powell River