February 12, 2013 · 4:42 PM

Dear editor,

My concern is the new levy put on institutions that entice international students to come and be educated in our schools.

It happens that international students already pay more to be educated than our home-grown students. Putting a levy on our institutions will inevitably put more of a burden again on the international student.

It has been the experience of this Canadian and Comox Valley resident that these students bring with them a very valuable asset to this community which they share without benefit to themselves.

It is their culture that they bring with them which all of us can profit from.

It is more and more important that with our shrinking world, we begin to learn and appreciate our fellow peoples who inhabit and share this earth with us.

With this proposed levy which could potentially curb the incoming flow of our international students, it would be a great loss to lose this most valued aspect.

Tim Haley,

Comox Valley