February 12, 2013 · 4:43 PM

Dear editor,

On Jan. 21, I went to the cemetery to pick up some Christmas wreaths we had placed on two graves.

To my surprise, the wreaths were missing. I went to the pickup area and found the wreaths.

Surprised, I wrote our mayor and found out the wreaths were removed because — according to cemetery bylaws — plant material and grave adornments associated with events or celebrations will be removed 10 days after the event, or when deemed unsightly by the cemetery caretaker.

I looked on the City website and found the same statement, however it stated 30 days.

I wrote the mayor again about this discrepancy and today I see the bylaw on the website has been changed to reflect 10 days. I wonder when this change was made and why we were not informed.

Also, why the mayor didn't mention this in his letter? I did tell him in my letter we have been placing Christmas wreaths on these graves for over 20 years and never had them removed before.

The bylaw also states: "Artificial flowers or plastic wreaths will be accepted Nov. 1 of each year so long as they do not interfere with adjacent lots, but will be removed March 31 of the following year."

It is my opinion the City and cemetery caretaker are too quick to remove adornments from graves that are placed there to remember relatives and friends. What is wrong with leaving artificial flowers and wreaths until the designated day of March 31 since the growing season has not started until then?

I understand there must be rules but there are too many rules for our cemetery. All these rules conflict with people being able to remember their relatives and friends on special dates.

Donald Waddell,