February 19, 2013 · 11:50 AM

Dear editor,

Despite the political to-ing and fro-ing over the CVEDS (by the way, isn’t it time the society reorganized its acronym so as not to be confused with EDS — excessive daytime sleepiness?), at least one good thing remains as a result of the CVEDS assuming the role of umbrella organization for tourism.

Comox Valley Tourism, the former member-based organization, rather than assigning its bank balance to CVEDS, established an endowment fund with the North Island College Foundation to provide  continuing legacy bursaries for students enrolled in sustainable tourism related career paths at NIC.

With additional donations from NIC, the Comox Valley Tourism Legacy Fund at year end 2012 was $24,123.08. Award recipients will be selected in July and recognized this fall.

To all former members of Comox Valley Tourism, a big thank you. May I encourage you to support NIC and its students by offering work experience or by contributing to this fund — or creating your own.

Contact Susan Auchterlonie or Beth Turner at NIC at 250-334-5000, ext. 4267.

Marty Douglas,

Comox Valley

Editor's note: Marty Douglas was a board member of now-defunct Comox Valley Tourism.


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