Public pays, deserves to know

I’ve just read the announcement in today’s paper that a public forum will be held on June 21 to discuss this issue (seniors residential, hospice care).

There has been so much written of late about the transition of acute care from St. Joseph’s to the new hospital; about the emergence of a new faith-based organization from the mainland, Providence Health Care, and its proposed changes for St. Joseph’s including a transfer of Glacier View Lodge, new residential care beds, and our existing hospice beds to PHC. And yet, the public has not been given a clear picture of what is going to happen nor what that means to a mixed religious-based community.

WE pay for all of this care with our taxes and deserve to know.

As Canadian citizens and residents, we have the legal right to MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) yet it appears that this right is in jeopardy if PHC is allowed to take over St. Joseph’s, Glacier View Lodge, the additional residential care beds and control all hospice beds in the Valley. It’s been suggested that’s not a problem because patients will simply be transferred. Having worked years in the health care industry, I know how traumatic and unacceptable this would be to the patient and their family.

It’s about time there was a public discussion to clear the air and inform the community. Thank you, Equal Access Committee for arranging this. I’m hopeful that all of the parties will participate as well as the public.

Catherine Mackenzie,

Comox Valley