Tree school founder addresses concerns raised in previous letters

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the letters of support and opposition for the Mack Laing Nature ‘Tree’ School. I recognize that this is a sensitive issue and I value the importance of making these concerns public.

In addressing Dave McLeod’s initial concern about the state of the Baybrook House, I agree that it needs work to be brought  up to code. However, thanks to the professional advice from engineers, contractors and building consultants, this building can be restored to its original historical state in a reasonable amount of time and within an affordable budget.

McLeod’s second point regarding accessibility to the Baybrook House is a valid concern.

In addressing this issue, parents would park their cars at the outskirts of the park and walk-in with their child.

There are seven parking locations surrounding the park with 31 designated parking spaces and approximately 40 additional on-street parking spaces. With no more than a five-minute walk from the furthest parking space to the Baybrook House, parents and children will have the opportunity to spend that time together walking in nature!

Thirdly, I appreciate McLeod’s question as to “why does this [pre-school] have to take place on the Mack Laing property” instead of the Filberg Park; however, in grasping the concept of a nature pre-school, we must understand that this is a type of outdoor education where children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in a forest or natural environment.

With this standard in place, the Mack Laing Park is the ideal location, whereas the Filberg Park is a “garden” and does not meet the requirements.

I realize that this issue is a concern to several community members and I will do my best to guarantee that creating a nature preschool in Comox will only enhance and add value to our community.

Jarrett Krentzel


Mack Laing Nature ‘Tree’School