Unsuccessful Comox candidate expresses his gratitude

Don Davis says thanks to the community

Dear editor,

Please allow me the courtesy of your column to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me in the recent election. Thank you to those who donated, allowed me to place signs, gave me encouragement and congratulations for running. Thanks as well to my nominators. It is humbling to even be thought of as worthy to run.

It is the support of the great people that I meet during the process, and on a day-to-day basis, that motivates me to continue to stand for office. Thanks also to the other candidates, as it is their involvement that make the process interesting and worthwhile. Congratulations to the successful candidates, the Town is in good hands.

The big question now is will I run again?

We have learned to never say never, so we will wait and see if I feel mentally and physically capable to give it another try.

It is an honour to have served as a councillor in the past and continues to be so as a candidate.


DW (Don) Davis