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Consult a Counsellor: Recognize communication traps in relationships


Consult a Counsellor: Striving for honesty in family relationships

I am not sure what to do. Some of my family members seem to have a lot of difficulty just being open and honest with me...

Homelessness is a Valley-wide issue

Why should Courtenay residents stand alone in dealing with homelessness?

What to do when playtime among siblings turns nasty

They want to play together and are great friends a lot of the time but then out of the blue the gloves come off and they are arguing...

Child’s meltdown could be call for help

Your daughter's behaviours and reactions are both a response to, and attempt at coping in, a moment when she is overwhelmed...

‘Flat’ feelings assessed

As we leave the Christmas season and all of its craziness and hype I have come to the realization that my experience of it was totally flat

Some happy on their own on Christmas

Christmas is not a tradition for everyone and that I find it difficult sometimes to convince people that I am happy on my own on Dec. 25.

Effective communication more than exchanging words or ideas

Effective communication is something that counsellors are asked to assist with on a daily basis...

Differences in parenting during separations often source of conflict

He spends time in each home and we have very different approaches to how we manage things...

Helping your children transition from high school

I have tried to encourage her to think about what comes next but I feel like I am talking to a brick wall...

Strategies to stop bedtime battles

It seems like many evenings of the week it is a constant battle to get our kids into their pyjamas, brush their teeth and get into bed.

Dealing with aggression in your children

It is often a surprise for many to hear that the incidents of aggression and the frequency of its display peaks around the age of two.

Multi-player online video games, addictive?

He has been playing the game online with his friends almost non-stop since he got it...

Why do intimate relationships continue to fail?

Relationship failures are never exclusively the fault of either individual...

Preparing your family for aging pet’s death

Our family is approaching the point at which we are going to lose our family dog...

Parenting in a world of tech-saavy children

All parents have to struggle with how to manage ever changing and faster developing technology than ever before.

The ups and downs of relationships and how to get out of the downs

Three traps appear with some regularity in the couples who arrive in Andrew Lochhead's office for counselling

Stressed about family visiting this holiday? Focus on positive thinking

Rest up, and practice thinking positively about family visits to reduce stress and anxiety this holiday season

Manage conflict properly

Dear counsellor,