Local firm purchases high-profile Valley property

RealStreamTM Income Properties LP has added the Van Isle Veterinary Hospital to its portfolio of Vancouver Island properties.

EDITORIAL: No advantage to longer terms

Province's decision to extend time between civic elections made by politicians for politicians

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Comox Valley needs viable curling facility

After finishing atop the Olympic medal standings in 2010, Canadians didn’t quite own the podium in Sochi.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Justice muted for Molly Burton

We hope for justice from our imperfect legal system, and are occasionally rewarded.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Can oil and water mix?

The debate about oil pipelines and supertankers in this province is entering a significant new phase.

EDITORIAL: Start listening to the courts

Told twice their legislation relating to teacher contracts is unconstitutional, it's time for the province to heed the legal system

Editorial — Lots of politics in judge’s ruling on class size and composition

The provincial government is almost certain to appeal a judgment which could cost taxpayers $1 billion.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: It takes a valley to raise a champion

Comox Valley athletes are competing on some large playing fields these days.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: 1st Tuesday Fundraiser organizers, musicians, supporters generous

Big-hearted people in the Comox Valley keep digging into their wallets after Christmas to support charities.

EDITORIAL: Child porn case ignores bullying

Trying teenager under child pornography laws not the right strategy

EDITORIAL: Photo ops are not democracy

Prime Minister Harper, feds practising China-style control over messaging

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Awards validation for good work

As we always do at this time, Comox Valley Record staff are preparing our nominations for B.C. and Canadian community newspaper awards.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: You can give a precious gift

So here we are, on the verge of the big day — Christmas Day.

OUR VIEW: Times continue to change

We say: Canada Post yet another institution hit by the Internet

No pantomime for Drowsy Chaperone

Breaking the fourth wall is a commonly used theatre device, especially in pantomimes.

OUR VIEW: Changes to hockey viewing

We say: Who says we have to be serious all of the time?

EDITORIAL: Impaired drivers still the target

Shifting of funding from Christmas to summer a proper use of resources

LOCAL EDITORIAL: A road to somewhere

Beside the obvious upside of a brand-new modern hospital, the Comox Valley will apparently benefit from a related development.

EDITORIAL: Studying the causes of war

Some of humankind’s greatest breakthroughs arise not from discovering something new but from viewing a known thing in a new way.

EDITORIAL: Rob Ford example is informative for B.C.

Extending municipal terms to four years removes a safety valve for constituents