EDITORIAL: City of Courtenay on a roll lately

City of Courtenay staff has made some good recommendations lately, and council has made some wise decisions.

EDITORIAL: Trust in treaty process?

Was the B.C. Liberal government’s trotting out of local First Nations leaders to sign another treaty a case of pre-election grandstanding?

EDITORIAL: No guarantees of lower bills under PST

While restaurants expect diners to pay less, the real effect of return to PST are anyone's guess

EDITORIAL: Ferries report might get lost in fog

The release of the BC Ferries Consultation and Engagement Summary Report completes a monumental exercise.

EDITORIAL: Your adrenaline rush could be somebody else’s emergency

As an owner-guide, Jan Neuspiel speaks credibly when he says the popularity of backcountry skiing is growing by leaps and bounds.

EDITORIAL: Compensation fair for dumping on Cumberland

For some time it has been apparent that Cumberland is tired of being dumped on by the rest of the Comox Valley.

EDITORIAL: Doing the honourable thing?

John Duncan’s surprise resignation as minister of aboriginal affairs and northern development brings some answers — and questions.

EDITORIAL: Tourism strategy must be regional

Working together in lean times is the key to riding out tourism storm

EDITORIAL: Protecting pedestrians

It took a cultural shift to battle drinking and driving, perhaps it’s time to make another shift so fewer pedestrians die in our streets.

EDITORIAL: Helping families, hurting businesses

This past weekend marked B.C.’s first Family Day statutory holiday.

EDITORIAL: The power of an idea whose time has come

Variations of the expression "the pen is mightier than the sword" can be traced to before the birth of Christ.

EDITORIAL: Will we never learn?

Everyone involved might feel cautiously optimistic about a new framework to negotiate a contract for teachers.

EDITORIAL: People asking what Comox Valley Economic Development is doing

A letter to the editor by S.M. Smith in last Friday’s Record is generating some buzz.

EDITORIAL: Shifting the cost of drunk driving

The onus is on the individual to defend wrongful drinking and driving charges

OUR VIEW: Need to limit omnibus bills

We say: Tories' penchant for all-encompassing legislation could do serious damage to the economy

Our take: Wake up to the state of the line and commit

E&N rail: Beleaguered track on its last legs, governments need to stop playing and go all in

EDITORIAL: The air that we breathe

One downside of living in this gorgeous place known as the Comox Valley is a shortage of high-paying jobs.

Editorial — Your pocket picked

Governments at all levels take more from taxpayers in 2013.

EDITORIAL: Giving until it helps

Put aside for a moment any pro or anti bias you have for the Fraser Institute.

EDITORIAL: Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce needs nominations

“It can’t be done,” president Dianne Hawkins heard a lot about the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Top 40 Under 40 Awards.