EDITORIAL: Clark’s cabinet now her team

Christy Clark's cabinet moves might give her party a fighting chance in the next election.

EDITORIAL: Annual shoreline cleanup good practice for tsunami debris

We haven’t heard much recently about Japanese tsunami debris, but time and tide is inexorably drawing it to the B.C. coastline.

EDITORIAL: Back to ‘normal’ in public education

Anyone involved in B.C. public education can be excused for wanting a less-tumultuous school year than the previous one.

EDITORIAL: Sailing revamp no big surprise

NANAIMO: Cuts to B.C. Ferries three major southern routes should come as a surprise to no one.

EDITORIAL: Pipeline referendum would provide great feedback

Perhaps Premier Christy Clark sees a battle with Alberta as the last hope to rally voters in time for the spring 2013 election campaign.

Our View: Refinery idea a tough sell in B.C.

There doesn’t appear to be a grey area for those who are weighing in on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

EDITORIAL: Big Time Out spread the fun around

Emulating the enormous South by Southwest Festival and its many venues, The Big Time Out in Cumberland evolved during the weekend.

MP in a bubble

Letters to the editor expressing frustration with MP John Duncan’s unresponsiveness have been increasing recently.

Splitting Comox Valley would not be the end of the world

In changes stemming from new population statistics in the most recent census, a proposed new federal riding boundary would bisect Courtenay.

EDITORIAL: Co-ordinated plan need for tsunami cleanup

Coastal authorities in B.C. have long been putting together tsunami and earthquake preparedness plans.

EDITORIAL: Local heroes earned cheers

Two weeks of dazzling athletic competition, compelling human interest stories and national pride.

EDITORIAL: B.C. politicians come forth to confront pipeline project

Few issues (abortion?) divide politicians and potential voters like one that pits jobs/economy versus environment.

Let’s try a Vancouver Island exchange program

Newsrooms get a steady stream of news releases, many of them from various levels of government.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Emily had some things in common with Terry Fox

Emily Wood, who tragically lost her fight with cancer last weekend, has some things in common with one of Canada’s most beloved heroes.

Nice work if you can get it

Dozens of municipal chief administrative officers in B.C. earn more than the White House chief of staff.

Good music good for business

Vancouver Island MusicFest advanced last weekend on two important and related fronts.

Why not take a hero holiday?

Rather than sunbathing on a beach, why not take along a garbage bag and clean it up?

EDITORIAL: Bottled water offers choice

Is it realistic, or even legal, to ban a product that is perfectly healthy for the people who choose consume it?

EDITORIAL: Coming to grips with a life-and-death decision

Expect an appeal of a decision against the law forbidding physician-assisted suicide in Canada.

EDITORIAL: BCTF, employer need to settle contract, then focus on students

As in any non-decisive battle between implacable foes, both sides are claiming victory after a Labour Relations board decision last week.