LOCAL EDITORIAL: North Island College on right track

North Island College continues to evolve and increasingly make itself an indispensable part of life on upper of Vancouver Island.

EDITORIAL: Young coal mine protesters pushed the envelope

We should have known right away that there was something odd about a Raven coal mine protest June 4 in downtown Courtenay.

Editorial: Desperation heard in Krueger’s tactics

NDP MLA John Horgan knows he crossed the line when he called out the blustering theatrics of Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger.

Editorial: Veterans deserve more support

We are troubled by news that Veterans Affairs Canada is downsizing its department, including the district office in Victoria.

OUR VIEW: The Grinches who tried to steal Family Day

We say: The B.C. Conservatives claim it will hurt the economy

EDITORIAL: Comox Valley residents concerned about Coast Guard closures

Editors are often impressed with the wisdom of readers, even more when compared to politicians fatuously toeing the party line.

EDITORIAL: Canada hungry for a strategy

NANAIMO – To dismiss the importance of a national food strategy is irresponsible.

Our View: Keep pressuring high-risk drivers

Police are hitting problem roads to drive home the idea that tailgating, speeding and high-risk driving won’t be tolerated.

EDITORIAL: Good things happening at historic site in Comox

The 2012 summer season at Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park will be just like many previous ones — yet different.

EDITORIAL: Drastic change to ferries vital

NANAIMO – There is recognition that B.C Ferries needs a major adjustment to how it does business.

EDITORIAL: Many people deserve praise for helping the helpless

An organization providing an important service to the homeless in the Comox Valley has changed.

Editorial: Civil forfeiture muddies message

It is not OK to endanger the lives of innocent people but the punishment must fit the crime.

We shall not hate

Robert Frost wrote about the road less travelled. Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish vowed to take that road.

EDITORIAL: No protection for wildlife after oil spills

The world’s thirst for oil is poised to turn the current trickle of crude through Vancouver’s harbour into a gusher.

EDITORIAL: Smoking out the smokers

New rule aims to increase scare factor on cigarette packaging.

Editorial: There’s a cost to setting things right

It’s sure to be a solemn time for many of those people taking part in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Victoria.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Is government testing of senior drivers half empty or half full?

There are always at least two ways to look at something — the half-empty or half-full glass being a classic example.

EDITORIAL: Expecting ‘bad news’ federal budget

Many Canadians who are paying attention are bracing themselves for the Stephen Harper government to start acting like fiscal Conservatives.

Two tiers of health care — for everyone to see

A plan to provide a mobile magnetic resonance imaging service sharply contrasts public- and private-funded health care.

Helping hand(s) needed

Shannon Hutchinson has had a grim run of heartache that nobody should ever have to endure.