LOCAL EDITORIAL: The price of progress

Engineers will tell you that you can have anything you want — if you throw enough time and money at it.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: BCTF president right — and oh so wrong

The president of the BC Teachers’ Federation is right to mock the name of the government's back-to-work legislation.

Can we somehow be better people?

Pink Shirt Day has come and gone.
The annual focus on bullying will fade somewhat until this time next year.

Editorial — The most restrained budget since the 1980s

The new provincial budget contains a few surprises, but no shift in policy.

Dubious bill

Conservative government should back off on internet spy law

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Progress at a price

While empty storefronts in downtown Courtenay look awful, only three businesses have closed recently.

Comox Valley awards recognize worthy recipients

It's a pity there can be only one recipient of each of the 12 Comox Valley Annual Community Awards.

EDITORIAL: Comox Valley on musical map

The booking of international star k.d. lang is more evidence that the Vancouver Island Music Festival has gained international status.

Ottawa’s retreat from Kyoto sending bad message

Local governments are increasingly making efforts to reduce their environmental footprints, especially where it involves greenhouse gases.

Heroes walk among us

Professional athletes are idolized by millions.
That makes them idols, not necessarily good role models or heroes.

OUR VIEW: Time is a priceless gift

It doesn’t cost anything and it will always be treasured

EDITORIAL: Drunk driving clarity needed

The B.C. Supreme Court ruling on B.C.’s new impaired-driving penalties cannot be surprising to many.

Our View: Voters leaving system behind

If the aim is to engage more of the electorate, getting citizens involved at a young age is a great idea.

Another tax drain

New auditor general position likely won't save municipal money

Whatever happened to working together?

Residents at Maple Pool Campground are caught in a legal battle between the City of Courtenay and the campground owners.

The voters have spoken in Comox Valley

Voters painted new faces into the Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland council pictures, but didn’t rip up the canvases and start over.

EDITORIAL: Politicos must do homework

Elections are a great opportunity to explore fresh ideas about the way we’re going to move forward over the next few years.

EDITORIAL: Sizable cost for riot justice

Bringing riot culprits to justice comes at considerable cost to taxpayers.

BCTF self-policing ineffective

In hindsight, it was only a matter of time before a B.C. government moved to curb the power of teachers.

‘Truly affordable housing’ could help ease Courtenay vacancy rate

Municipal councils often have reasons to be concerned with development proposals.