Candidates taking obvious stands give voters clear choices

Comox Valley voters Nov. 19 might have a clearer choice than they’ve had for years.

Hydro released extra water too soon down Puntledge River

BC Hydro is a convenient whipping boy for anything that goes wrong on the Puntledge and Courtenay rivers, particularly flooding.

Some interesting races in Comox Valley municipal elections

There was some drama Friday at the deadline for candidates to enter the fray of municipal politics.

EDITORIAL: There’s hope for the future after all

Cynicism and despair about the future is understandable for journalists.
Like the police, we often deal with people at their worst.

Our View: E-fraudsters target us all

It never fails to amaze us why some people who seem smart enough to do legitimate work instead choose to bilk others out of money.

Ride on, Tour de Rock riders, ride on

Tour de Rock riders pull into the Comox Valley today, drenched, sore and weary from their journey down the Island that began Saturday in Port Alice.

Where are the candidates?

With less than two months to go before provincewide municipal elections, incumbents and challengers are playing their cards close to the vest.

Our View: End of life care needs attention

Fear of dying is common in western culture.

Even the word “died” is often watered down to more gentle phrases such as passed away, passed on, or crossed over. Those words indicate not only a desire to ease the pain of losing a loved one, but soften the path from life to death.

All eyes on Car Free Sunday in Comox Valley

Getting anything new rolling can be a challenge, as organizers make first-time mistakes while trying to get people to buy into what they’re doing.

Such is the case with Car Free Sunday in Courtenay and Cumberland, but not in Comox.

Real classroom issues stampeded by ‘old-school’ labour rhetoric

Teachers aren’t stupid people.

They know they get a good wage to do an important job, a job that is difficult to do well, but one that can also offer a lot of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Big shakeup was big wakeup

There’s nothing like an earthquake to shake us, at least briefly, out of complacency.
Everybody from the Fraser Valley to Cape Scott was talking about the 6.4-magnitude quake Friday south of Port Alice because so many of us felt or witnessed its effects.

EDITORIAL: Variety the spice of life on councils

Murray Presley’s 15-year run as a councillor for the City of Courtenay will end this November.

Presley will not run in this year’s B.C. civic elections for the two reasons he mentioned in a recent interview.

EDITORIAL: Neither side budging — students in the middle

Barring a miracle, B.C. teachers are on strike as you read this.

EDITORIAL: That Others May Live no hollow motto for local heroes

This newspaper has said it before and will say it again – those who risk their lives to save others are heroes.

The Comox Valley has more heroes than you might suspect.

EDITORIAL: HST referendum perfect example of democracy, politics in action

Aside from the where’s-the-pea feeling while completing the ballot and mailing it, the HST referendum sure felt like an election.

A single-issue election.

LOCAL EDITORIAL: Ball back in Courtenay’s court

A majority of directors on the Comox Valley Regional District board did the right thing last week by refusing to reopen a discussion about a homeless shelter in the city.

Our View: Facing the music on STIs

There’s a centuries-old saying about good intentions most people should be familiar with. And while the idea of reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections is noble, there are a few problems with the plan to let people email their lovers to warn them they could have an STI.

EDITORIAL: Forget about the box

Thinking outside the box is a great metaphor that for decades effectively communicated the concept of unconventional, innovative thought.
A group called Imagine Comox Valley deserves credit for doing it, although we might need to credit ICV with blue-sky or lateral thought to avoid sounding clichéd.

EDITORIAL: Media must obey the law, too

In the absence until Aug. 18 of even a brief court appearance by a 16-year-old accused of first-degree murder, the rumour mill has been busily grinding.

You might have heard rumours. We have, but we couldn’t pass them on even if we confirmed their validity.

EDITORIAL: Big Time Out version 2.0

The blame game is on after Cumberland council voted for the second time to deny permission for The Big Time Out to happen at Village Park.