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You could live to be 100, but can your money last that long?

You should reasonably expect to enjoy a much longer life, so begin planning for all those extra years of retirement right away

It’s tax time — here are some tips to save the most on your taxes

Tax credit tips for everyone including children, students and grandparents

People may not like to plan for their death but it’s important — here’s how

Estate planning is important to ensure our family is protected and to limit the taxes levied against our estate

What to ask yourself when planning for your retirement

Comox Valley Record financial columnist offers helpful advice and the right questions to ask yourself when planning for retirement

Tax refunds not all they’re cracked up to be

Tax refunds great when they come back, but not for long-term financial health, says Comox Valley Record columnist

Investment strategies based on changes in your life

A 'set it and forget it' investment strategy won't work for you because the only thing constant in life is change

How to deal with life’s UPsets by creating a cash cushion

Gas prices, electrical costs and heating bills are all up. UPsets like this can cripple your cash flow, so how do you save to prepare

Plan for retirement by PAC-ing

Another retirement savings option for Comox Valley residents is a pre-authorized contribution program

Canadian Pension Plan changes and what they mean for you

These changes, and your personal circumstances, could mean that you should rethink when to begin receiving your CPP pension

The benefits of a Tax Free Savings Account

A TFSA is a worthwhile investment option for almost every income because it works so well for both short- and long-term financial goals

Why you might need a line of credit

The benefits and drawbacks of having a line of credt

Plan for a fun retirement

What does it take to make your retirement dreams come true?

Debt reducing strategies for the holidays

Helpful tips to avoid wracking up debt this holiday season, and plan for the next one

Time to talk with the folks

Maybe you’ve already had The Talk with your kids. Well, now’s the time to have The Talk with your parents.

Loonie’s rise can have negative consequences for those with foreign mutual funds

For Canadians with foreign mutual fund investments, a rising loonie can have negative consequences — unless you stay the course.

Registered Disability Savings Plan can be a good tool

A Registered Disability Savings Plan can be a very good way to accumulate tax-deferred savings for a disabled person.

Which is more tax-efficient for a small business owner?

As an incorporated small business owner, is paying yourself via a salary or dividends — or a combination of the two — more tax-efficient?

If you own a business, effective succession planning is a must

One of the most important components of effective succession planning is reducing the tax burden on your successor(s).

Giving can be good for you too

Your philanthropic gift is always important, no matter the amount of your assets or the size of your income — but to make the best use of your contributions, to preserve your legacy, and to minimize taxes and/or estate fees, a sound charitable giving plan is the way to go. Let’s look at your options.

Do you need a financial plan?

Canadians agree that financial planning pays off by delivering real value. In two recent studies — The Value of Financial Planning and The Value of Advice: Report — a majority of Canadians agreed that by choosing financial advice, they accumulated more assets and were better prepared, financially, for retirement.