Margaret Harris

Cyclist Margaret Harris urges input on Courtenay’s transportation plan

Improving the opportunities for people to walk, cycle, use transit and mobility devices would lessen the strain on our road system...

Complete Streets work for everyone

Complete Streets mean comfortable access for pedestrians, bicycles, transit users and the mobility-impaired.

Pick ‘most pleasant route’ when cycling

When considering your cycling route, don't think like a motorist. Think like a cyclist. Pick the most pleasant route.

Is it time for a lifestyle adjustment?

So what are your cycling plans for the spring, summer and fall this year? Does your bike need some work to make it roadworthy?

City of Portland good example for bicycle infrastructure

Since 1990, bicycle use has grown 400 per cent in Portland...

Cycling to school can be safe for your kids

There is a widespread public perception that it is not safe for children to cycle to school — although the evidence suggests differently.

Teaching your children to cycle to school safely

Is your child's bike roadworthy? Do they know the rules of the road? Are they wearing a helmet?

Don’t like hills, get an electric assist for your bike

As I approached my 70s I found myself taking the car more and more

Motorists and cyclists, rules for sharing the road

It is important for us all to learn how to behave on our roads with care, caution, and respect for other road users

It’s time to break out your bike in the Comox Valley

There are many places to cycle in our Valley... A map of the best cycling routes in the Valley is available at the Broken Spoke Coffee House

Getting your children ready to ride bicycles on their own

t is important to take the time then to make sure they have learned the necessary bike-handling skills to be safe.

Dust off that bicycle and get out there Comox Valley residents

Cycling is one of the best ways for people to achieve good health and fitness, so service your bike, don a helmet and get out for a ride

How Comox Valley cyclists can stay safer on the roads

Tips to increase cyclists' chances of being seen by motorists. Simply put, make sure you are visible and predictable