Mitchell Smyth

Ava Gardner Museum grew from a single kiss

Many men loved Ava Gardner, but it's doubtful if any of them adored her as much as the 12-year-old boy she kissed in a school playground

Millionaires’ Row in Rhinebeck, New York well worth visiting

On the first half of the drive you can visit Lyndhurst, the home of "the Wizard of Wall Street," railway tycoon Jay Gould

World’s largest mud building

In the summer, when temperatures frequently top 40 degrees Celsius, it's baked kiln-hard. Then come the rains, from July to September...

Touring the Brontë Homeland by auto

It's an auto tour along a 16-kilometre circuit south and east of Banbridge and in the shadow of the famous Mountains of Mourne.

When pampering isn’t enough, get the royal treatment

A team of butlers are on offer on the Serenity, a high-end cruise ship, and will be a your beck and call.

Lahaina used to be ‘the buzz’

Lahaina was as wild and woolly as any place on the planet — until the do-gooders put a stop to it

The hunt for the Lost Dutchman mine in Arizona

Some have spent their lives searching. Many have given up in frustration. Dozens have disappeared in these forbidding canyons

Missouri: See where Jesse James lived, robbed banks and died

The farmhouse nearby has been recreated to look much as it was when the James boys were growing up

Ashford Castle ‘arguably the poshest hotel’ in Ireland

The hotel, a symphony of turrets, arches, galleries and battlements, has been called "the apogee of Victorian neo-Gothic in Ireland."

The singing mermaids in Florida are back for tourists to see

The singing mermaids looked like they may be silenced due to a legal dispute, but they are singing loudly now

Florida: She fought the law and the law won

Visitors can still hear the story from the patrons in Ma Barker's Hideaway, a tavern near where killing happened in 1935