Nancy Bock

Recognizing the ‘baby blues’

Baby blues, or postpartum depression, happens to some mothers (and a few fathers) following the birth of a child

Life’s big transitions can be hard to navigate

I am worried about my daughter who is just graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. She has been looking for a job...

Separation anxiety fairly common in children

It sounds like your daughter is experiencing anxiety when she is in situations that require her to be apart from you...

Kids want to dress sexy younger and younger

We have a 12-year-old daughter who wants to wear a Halloween costume that we think is too sexy for her age...

Boundaries help relationships thrive

Certain members of my husband's family just drop in on us with almost no notice and stay for several days...

Just when you think you have parenting under control

What I didn't know this time was that her boyfriend was going on the camping trip...

Parenting and grandparenting: there is a difference

The difficulties you are describing are coming up because the line between parenting and grandparenting is being blurred...

Understanding your loved one’s addiction

I have heard the term "shopaholic" but can it really be a serious addiction, and if it is, what should we do about it?

Negotiating boundaries in relationships

You and your girlfriend have different ideas about where the boundaries should be when it comes to her mother

Like batteries people must recharge to keep balance in life

We run into trouble when the discharging exceeds the recharging over a period of time...

Establishing boundaries with children suffering from mental health problems

My husband and I are having trouble with our 25-year-old son who has some mental health problems...

We have a problem with arguing — how can we change this?

If you want to change the pattern of arguing, you need to stick to your plan.

How do you encourage a teenager to go to counselling?

My teenaged son is having some problems, and our doctor has recommended counselling. The problem is that my son is refusing to go and says that he doesn’t need a “shrink.” Do you have any suggestion for how I can get him to go?

Big family events like weddings can create conflict and hurt feelings

Feeling left out of your daughter's wedding planning? Talking with your daughter will lead to a deeper understanding for both of you and will likely lead to a way of being together in planning for her wedding that feels good to you.

What is the safest way to reintroduce father and son after a period of absence?

A boy's father has reappeared on the scene wanting to reconnect, and his mother is wondering about the safest way to reintroduce them after two years of absence without her son getting hurt.