Peter Hadley

Ghibli Museum in Tokyo features nostalgic Japanese animation

The museum itself is a single building in bright cartoon colours intended to be the antithesis to the average movie studio theme park

Arizona’s sky interesting — day or night

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — In Scottsdale it’s all about the sky.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain is the place to go for sherry connoisseurs

Each bodega cherishes its own particular strains of yeast that make up the "wine mother," a thick, creamy layer of life on top of the wines

Playing cricket, Jamaican style

Three centuries of British rule left the island with a passion for this amusingly archaic game

Windmill in Lincoln, England, still produces flour

Built in 1798 and recently refurbished with parts scavenged from other windmills, the Ellis Mill in Lincoln is once again fully functional.

Philadelphia penitentiary scares more than 100,000 visitors a year

Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary is Gothic enough in daylight, but around Halloween, it is one of America’s largest haunted houses.

Scotland home to the world’s only rotating boat lift

Scotland has long been famous for engineering genius, its roving sons building the world’s bridges, railways and steamships from the Victorian era onwards. So it is perhaps only appropriate that a fine piece of 21st-century engineering has become one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions.