Sandy Fairfield

Comox Valley sanctuary for swans

The Comox Valley provides a winter sanctuary for one of wildlife’s most elegant birds.

MARS: Snow geese population adapting and thriving


MARS: Return of Stellar Jays sign of changing seasons


MARS moment: Tips to avoid a cougar conflict

Wildlife triggers a variety of emotions from awe and compassion to fear…

MARS: Seals find home around the Island

Seal pups are enchanting little mammals that are hard to ignore when…

MARS Moment: Kingfishers skilled fishers

It is quite easy to miss a solitary, motionless bird perched along a river bank, as it sits waiting for an unsuspecting fish to pass by

MARS Moment: Barn owls ‘fascinating’ birds

This species of owl is a unique family that has been dated from fossilized remains to be between 12 and 20 million years old

Don’t feed these nocturnal bandits

Adult raccoons can measure up to three feet in length and weigh in excess of thirty pounds...

Pileated woodpecker ‘charming and comical’

Woodpeckers are very important 'keystone species' and critical to the safety and well being of many other wildlife species...

If you love them leave them alone, says MARS

Fluffy ducklings seem to be prone to human interference but this often results in babies being abandoned by the parents

Robins first to rise, last to retire

Any day now M.A.R.S. expects the first of this year's baby robins to arrive at the centre

Burrowing owls losing habitat

National Wildlife Week theme this year is to raise awareness to save the burrowing owl habitat through conservation efforts

Mergansers year-round residents in Comox Valley

These diving ducks have a habitat that includes rivers, estuaries and sheltered shorelines; they can also be found in small lakes...

What to do if you find a baby bird

Sadly many people still do not get the message and actually kidnap healthy babies that have been left hidden whilst the mother forages

Tough time of year for wildlife

Some avian species are having a very tough time finding adequate food supplies, leading to starvation, emaciation and inter-species fighting

Comox Valley saw all four seasons in past few weeks

Out on my daily walk, I was amazed at the number of birds that were busily trying to forage what little food they could find...

Eagles ‘scavengers by nature’

We received numerous reports about one eagle that had been on the same beach for a week. It was reported as "looking" sick...

February month of love for eagles, too

Each year in February MARS holds a one-day festival to celebrate the magnificent bald eagles

Tiny tropical bird stays here all year

Sightings of Ana's hummingbirds first happened in Victoria in the winter of 1944

Kinglets are species at risk

Kinglets are small hyperactive insectivore's part of the family of birds that includes the gnatcatchers and warblers...