Tim Schewe

Should bad drivers be shamed publicly?

Deliberately bad drivers seem to be appearing more and more often on…

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Cutting across for angle parking

An Osoyoos resident has asked about parking in the downtown area.Like it…

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Behind the Wheel: Don’t be tempted by coloured fuel


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A serious single vehicle collision occurred in the Shawnigan Lake Area on…

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As a parent, I know that children will do things that they…

BEHIND THE WHEEL: I can rationalize that behaviour

I glanced at the driver stopped beside me at a red light…

Behind the Wheel: Distracted driving rules tougher for novice drivers

The holder of a class 7L (learner) or Class 7 (novice) driver's licence must not use an electronic device while driving, period

Behind the Wheel: The keep-right attitude

The left lane is so popular lately that when I use the right lane I often find myself behind far fewer vehicles in the right lane...

Behind the Wheel: More than one method to secure your vehicle

In most cases you can still leave the windows down to keep animals in the vehicle cool in warmer weather...

How wide? How long? How high?

These questions, when asked in relation to vehicles and their loads, probably bring large commercial vehicles to mind for most drivers

As pedestrians, do we trust drivers too much?

She did not hesitate to step into the crosswalk even though a vehicle on her left had stopped halfway across it waiting to enter traffic

Smart cyclists ride on the right side of the road

If you are riding on the wrong side drivers are not looking for you there...

Be smart about vehical modifications

Some vehicle modifications are unique and permitted by law, but some are unsafe...

Traffic signs have quiet but important jobs

We rely on it to tell us when to stop, how fast to go, which way to turn or whether we can travel in a certain direction...

Flashing hazards at those following too close

If I am unable to actually see the licence plate on the car following me in my rear view mirror, I activate my four way flashers

Motor assisted cycle or motorcycle?

Taking the pedals off of your motor assisted cycle or attaching a gasoline engine to a bicycle, both could land you in trouble

People that you won’t share the road with

...When I saw this behaviour while patrolling I almost always stopped and ticketed the tailgating driver...

Turn signals not always a polite request

In some circumstances a turn signal may be an indication from the driver that something beyond their control has happened...

Sorry, it’s a tow or a no-go

The officer may face serious financial consequences for having been "a good guy/gal" and letting you go