Tim Schewe

Municipalities have traffic bylaws, too

What you may not have considered but could still run afoul of are local traffic bylaws enacted by municipalities

Court not place for complaints

You start to tell the justice how badly you were treated at the roadside only to find that your testimony is being brought to a halt...

Dash-mounted camera could protect you after crash

The video is a reliable witness that you can use to protect your interests when something goes wrong

Unless in crosswalk, pedestrians must yield

Right of way generally belongs to the driver outside of crosswalks

What should a driver do if they hit an animal?

If it is daylight, I could knock on a door to ask whom the animal belongs to, but what if it is late evening or after midnight?

Running lights not enough at dusk and dawn

If you don't reach down and turn on the headlights yourself, the rear of your vehicle will remain dark, putting you and others at risk

Turning right on Ryan Road

Courtenay resident is upset with drivers who turn left from the Island Highway onto Ryan Road and fail to enter the first available lane

What will government come up with in Safety and Speed Review?

The public open houses in the provincial government's Safety and Speed Review of B.C. Highways concluded recently in Chilliwack

Vehicle lighting at night

The driver of a truck tractor with no trailer pulled in front of him using the right lane and flashed his backup and docking lamps...

When road signs must be obeyed

Drivers are often confused about the difference between a regulatory sign and an advisory sign

Be wary of big trucks

Many drivers of light vehicles seem to have no appreciation at all for sharing the road with heavy trucks

Cutting the corner

I live beside a road where I can watch an S curve out of my window and visibility is limited due to vegetation on both sides...

Are shoulder checks necessary?

Some driving schools are teaching mirror adjustment techniques to replace shoulder checks...

Being designated driver not good idea for new drivers

Drivers who are part of B.C.'s Graduated Licencing Program (GLP) are limited to the number of passengers that they are allowed to carry

How speed measurement works

An officer starts a shift by checking the instrument to ensure that it is operating as intended by the manufacturer...

Parking properly on hills

When I was a new driver I almost learned the hard way how important it was to turn the wheels properly to park safely on a hill...

Acts of kindness on road sometimes misguided

One driver made room so that the other driver could make an illegal lane change from a side road through surrounding standing traffic...

When does ‘poor taste’ become ‘obscene’ on roads?

A reader asked "Could you clarify what the law is in B.C. regarding offensive words, statements, illustrations etc. on vehicles...?"

A green light doesn’t always mean go

There are three situations where drivers facing a green light must not proceed immediately...

Sober driving extends to supervisors, too

Who would have thought that the supervisor of a new driver needed to be sober? Hello? What does a supervisor do?