Tim Schewe

Police should set good example on roads

This marked police vehicle was not being a good example as the driver was consistently 15 to 20 km/h over the speed limit...

Parallel parking etiquette

This is an instance that is not specifically covered in the Motor Vehicle Act...

Tow trucks should be treated as official vehicles on highways

The tow truck is a bit of an orphan when it comes to being an "official vehicle" as defined in our slow-down, move-over laws.

How much tire tread is safe?

This turned my thoughts to the tread on my tires and the question of how much tread is needed to stop and steer properly on wet roads

Driver improvements more important than highway improvements

Before you complain about the highway, make sure it is not yourself that is the greater hazard

You can’t park there…

Columnist Tim Schewe provides a handy list of how far away to park from roadside features

Highway building is a tough job

As a driver, we probably give some thought to why an intersection is built the way it is...

You could be speeding and not know it

I knew how accurate my speed measuring device was but these drivers had no idea whether their speedometer was accurate or not

Driving safely filled with firewood

If a piece of firewood fell off the back of truck at 90 km/h it could strike another vehicle with the force of a small bomb

Three categories of traffic rule violators

I know that I try my best not to be in the first category and despite my best efforts am occasionally part of the second category

Yellow lights mean stop

Yes, I know that there is one caveat to that statement, and it is "unless the stop cannot be made in safety."

Being safe in school zones only costs seconds

Just how much does it cost a driver if they do slow down properly for a school zone?

Planning for the red light

Drivers who observe the state of the traffic signals as they approach have time to plan and take the appropriate action

Carpooling makes sense, but money could complicate

The vehicle will need to be rated for business use if the owner starts gaining financially from driving passengers

Middle-aged drivers, could you pass an ICBC knowledge test now?

Many would likely be hard pressed to pass the ICBC's online driver's test

Driver courtesy is always appreciated

I watched a commercial truck begin to leave the brake check as I approached the summit of Highway 4 outside of Port Alberni.

Ignored airbags can hurt as much as help

You would not be a front seat passenger with your feet up on the dash if you understood what would happen to you if that airbag deployed

Pre- and post-trip inspections needed for large vehicles

Do you drive vehicle required to have a Motor Carrier or Passenger Transportation licence or a business vehicle with a GVW over 5,000 kg?

Stopped by the police, what do I do now?

Each vehicle stop must be approached with care to avoid violence, but not upset those who are honest, well-meaning people

How to ensure your trailer is safe, and legal

The quality of a home-made utility trailer can range from factory perfect to 'I'm amazed that it is still following you'

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