Tim Schewe

What are the rules when waiting for a pedestrian to cross?

This question has two answers, depending if the pedestrian is at an intersection with or without operational traffic lights

Large RV drivers need licence endorsements or higher class

Some castles on wheels require either a house trailer endorsement on a licence or a higher licence class

Reflectors on your vehicle are important

A man might still be alive today if all the reflectors on his disabled vehicle hadn't been broken

Focus on the road and drive defensively

What are we thinking about when we drive? More and more often I am convinced that we are thinking about anything but the driving task.

Driving within the lines of the road is important

One sure sign of growing up when we were young was the ability to use our crayons and stay between the lines... the same applies to driving

Drivers need to see, think and do when sharing the road with emergency vehicles

Drivers still fail to slow down and move over when possible, putting the safety of emergency workers at unnecessary risk

Drivers are too optimistic on roads

Neuroscience and social science suggest that we are more optimistic than realistic when it comes to our driving skills

Using stop signs to control speed exacerbates the problem

Cumberland council considered stop signs to quell speeding but village councillors knew the problem could actually be made worse

Comox Valley Record reader sees cyclists on wrong side of road, writes in

I agree with him because I almost made a hood ornament out of a wrong-way cyclist not long ago

Would road safety increase if B.C. drivers’ records were public knowledge?

Not likely. Sometimes the only way to prevent dangerous drivers from endangering us all is to put them in a cage

Wearing a helmet when bicycling is necessary for you safety, and by law

If you wear, or make sure that your children under the age of 16 wear a proper bicycle helmet when cycling you are following the law.

How speedy do you have to be to get a ticket?

Technically, even one kilometer per hour above the limit is speeding.

Beware the Flower Clown and other roadside characters

Disguise is a valid form of law enforcement investigation and that's no different when it comes to traffic surveillance

Traffic law columnist wants the IRP back

It was clear that the program made a significant difference in the incidence of impaired driving

Retired RCMP constable urges all drivers to look hard at their own driving habits

Built-in biases lead us to believe we are better than average drivers — but 50 per cent have to be below average so where do you sit?

What’s legal and what’s not when trying to avoid a speeding ticket in B.C.

Radar and laser detectors are legal in B.C. but rules around laser jammers are a little more complicated

Police officer quotas for catching impaired drivers and speeders

Retired RCMP constable Tim Schewe talks about his experience with police quotas for catching speeders and impaired drivers

The serious consequences of using a phony driver’s licence

It is an offence to simply possess a phony driver's licence, much less attempt to use it

Handling radar reading disputes

Retired constable, Tim Shewe, talks about his experience with radar reading disputes

Driving with one headlight like driving with one eye

The loss of one headlight is the loss of at least half that information and could be the major contribution in an accident