Tim Schewe

New penalties reinforce message that drinking and driving is not acceptable

The new impaired driving penalties appear to be getting the word out: drinking and driving is not acceptable here in B.C. If you do and are caught, it will be a long road to travel to restore your driving privileges

Support traffic testimony with illustration

Supporting your testimony in traffic court with illustration is often a good way to show what is difficult to describe with words.

Build yourself a safety factor when you get behind the wheel

Time, or lack of it, is one of our biggest enemies when we drive. Sometimes we must make instantaneous decisions, and a built-in safety factor can give us an extra second or two to make that decision correctly if we factor in safety whenever we get behind the wheel.

The importance of headlight aim for drivers’ vision

After 20 years of full-time traffic policing, you accumulate many memories.

Any number of things can result in wrong-way driving

It is fortunate that this type of collision is relatively rare, because the consequences are severe.

Transportation of dangerous goods

Have you ever wondered what is going by you on the highway contained inside heavy transport vehicles?

Honesty best policy when ID questioned

It was always a challenge when the violator failed to produce their driver’s licence.

Driving to work not always wise

For 25 years, I was expected to arrive at work regardless of the road conditions.

What about zero drugs?

One of the conditions attached to the driver’s licence of any new driver in British Columbia’s Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is that the driver must have zero blood alcohol when they are operating a motor vehicle.

What does M+S mean on tires?

One would expect that the markings M+S, or Mud and Snow, on a tire would mean that it was designed for proper winter traction in all conditions.

A holiday wish for safe driving

If I could give all of you one gift this holiday season, it would be a year’s worth of safe driving.

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