Wendy Johnstone

Osteoporosis — ‘the silent thief’

You are more likely to break a bone from osteoporosis than you are to have a heart attack, stroke or be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Avoid deconditioning in older age

Studies show exercising three times a week provides the greatest improvement with the least amount of injury.

How do caregivers determine if a situation is high risk?

Why won't my Mother accept help? My father won't stop driving and he has had numerous accidents this year. What should I do?

Aging loved ones on their own ‘roller coaster of emotions’

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when providing care to an aging loved one, or when making difficult decisions, using the acronym LOVE.

You could qualify for tax credits for caregivers

Gerontologist Wendy Johnstone points caregivers in the right direction for possible tax credits

Income tax time can become more stressful with age

She confided that she finds dealing with her financial situation, increasing care needs and "tax time" incredibly stressful...

Caregiving from a distance can be difficult but can work

Caregiving can work across distances. The key is to plan ahead and be organized. Here are some tips...

Does the senior in your life need more assistance?

Here's a list of some key indicators to focus on when determining if seniors are in need of additional care or assistance

Tips to communicate with your elderly loved ones

Holiday visits are typically centred around good food and conversation. Keep the following communication tips in mind...

Letting go of being in charge at Christmas

"I have never thought about that before. Every year I host; it's just what I do. I didn't necessarily think about doing it differently."

Ways to prevent falls for Comox Valley residents

Community resources and programs for falls prevention in the Comox Valley

Financial help for home modifications

A BC Housing program helps low-income B.C. seniors and people with disabilities make home modifications

Fall prevention for seniors

When a senior falls, it can be extremely harmful, physically and psychologically

Beating the heat can be a challenge — especially when you’re no longer young

Isn’t this summer weather fantastic?

Apparently, not everyone would agree, especially my neighbour down the street.

Caregivers need vacations too

Whether it's a short weekend trip away or a 10-day cruise, taking a break can help caregivers in so many ways

Steps to productive, peaceful adult family meetings

Despite reaching mature adulthood, unresolved issues and sibling rivalry can resurface resulting in emotionally charged discussions

Sibling rivalry can be brutal

Accusations flew … harsh words were spoken … resentment grew … and for a year now, they have not spoken at all.  

Sharing the Care, tips for siblings caring for elderly parents

How can brothers and sisters avoid conflict when faced with making future care plans for Mom and Dad?

Long live the aging goddesses

Live long and healthy by AGEING: Attitude, genes, exercise, interests, nutrition, get rid of smoking

Relaxation strategies to help caregivers

Caregivers can benefit from being grounded and flexible to handle the challenges they face on a regular basis