Wendy Johnstone

Balancing work and eldercare isn’t easy

Balancing eldercare and work situations vary tremendously and no single action plan works for everyone. Developing your own customized strategy can lighten your load and reduce stress. It’s also important to think about caregiving as an important role in your life.

Family Caregiver Week raises awareness about ‘unsung heroes’

One of the biggest social phenomenon to hit our nation moves front and centre during Family Caregiver Week in British Columbia from May 7 to 13. This is an opportunity to increase public awareness around the vital role caregivers play in an aging loved one’s life.

The more you know and the more you talk about it, the less dementia will scare children

Dementia-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be difficult for adults to understand, so how can we possibly explain it to our children? As adults, it can be very confusing to know how much to tell children about their grandparent or great-grandparent’s disease and what words to use.

Take steps to prepare for discharge from hospital

Discussing hospital discharge early on is important to a successful and smooth transition back home. Understanding what criteria is used to determine when your aging loved ones are ready for discharge is also valuable in making future plans.

The ins and outs of hospital stays

Today’s hospital stays and discharge experiences for aging loved ones may seem…

Help aging loved ones during ER visits

Families or close friends are often called upon to respond when an aging loved one is in the emergency room, and Wendy Johnstone offers some tips to help.

Take action if you show caregiver burnout signs

One of the main reasons family members take on the role of caregiver is because they love their aging loved ones and they want to help them with a better life and prolonged independence.

Wanted: caregiver with long list of qualifications

For most of us, the holiday season is over and we are back into the swing of a normal routine.

Sorry really not the hardest word

I think it’s safe to say death isn’t easy to deal with at any age.