Comox instructor offering yoga designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors

Comox instructor offering yoga designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors

“Cancer steals your breath, yoga gives it back.”

Tari Prinster, who is the founder of yoga4cancer and a cancer survivor, started to offer this class in the United States over a decade ago.

Yoga4cancer (y4c) is a research-based, specialized yoga methodology addressing the specific physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatments. Because all yoga is not the same, finding the right yoga teacher is the best first step. Yoga4cancer classes are always taught by certified y4c teachers with knowledge and awareness of the special needs of cancer patients and survivors.

The benefits are:

– a stronger immune system

– increased muscle strength

– improved bone density

– increased self-confidence

– solutions for treatment side effects and a path to a longer, happier healthier life

– reduced stress

– improved sleep

– a sense of well-being

– cultivation of hope

– a supportive community.

Akiko Shima, who has been teaching yoga classes in Comox Valley since 2006, had an opportunity to take y4c training last summer.

Now she is one of the few certified y4c teachers on Vancouver Island.

“I am very excited to offer this class. There is a need for it. About one in two Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. In the United States, oncologists, doctors, various practitioners and yoga teachers work together as a team. I would like to see that in the Comox Valley.” Shima said.

Yoga4cancer class consists of movement, breathing and restorative poses. If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor or standing, you can sit on the chairs. Various modifications will be offered. Yoga experience is not required.

This class will be offered at Nourish Wellness on Thursdays from Jan. 9 to March 26, 2020, 10:45 – 11:45 a.m. Nourish Wellness is located at unit C (upstairs) 1822 Comox Ave., Comox. Investment is $138 for 12 classes. Shima also offers Hatha, Gentle and Therapeutic yoga classes in Courtenay and Comox studios. For more information and to register email to or call 250-339-2195.