A company was on site Wednesday, dismantling the restaurant’s signage. Photo by Scott Strasser.

A company was on site Wednesday, dismantling the restaurant’s signage. Photo by Scott Strasser.

Courtenay Burger King closed ‘permanently’

No reasons have been cited by management for the closure

The King has been abdicated.

The Comox Valley’s only Burger King franchise is closed “permanently,” according to a note posted on the fast-food restaurant’s door on April 2.

On April 4, a signage company was on site dismantling Burger King’s signage.

As well, the restaurant’s windows were covered with newspaper and milk crates and yellow do-not-cross tape were placed in the drive-thru.

While management did not cite any specific reason for the closure, a routine inspection by the health authority on March 23 found one critical violation. The violation referred to inadequate hot-holding temperatures of potentially hazardous foods.

“Few of the inserts on the hot holding machine measuring at 50-55°C. Hot held foods must be above 60°C,” reads the inspection. “Monitor machine to ensure the hot holding unit is able to hold temperature above 60°C. Food in these inserts was discarded by staff.”

A follow-up inspection on March 27 determined two additional non-critical violations, including a mould-like substance noted on the ceiling in the seating area and inside the kitchen.

“Mould must be removed, cleaned and sanitized whenever present,” reads the inspection. “Vents also appear to be dirty and full of debris. These must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid air quality issues in the facility.”

The other violation referred cited referred to a “smoky environment” inside the establishment.

“Staff mentioned there has been a previous malfunction with kitchen vents causing this. Ensure all vents are working properly and efficiently to avoid smoke and grease build-up,” reads the inspection.

The restaurant was given a “moderate” hazard rating, which does not result in a restaurant being closed.

Calls to the restaurant and its management on Monday and Wednesday were unanswered.

The Burger King is located in the Driftwood Mall shopping plaza, in Courtenay.