Investors Group honored

Investors Group received the Award of Excellence from Food Banks Canada at a ceremony in Toronto.

On Jan. 31, Investors Group received the Award of Excellence from Food Banks Canada at a ceremony in Toronto. The award is given to a company that has demonstrated long-term support of the organization and made a measurable positive impact on the issue of hunger or food banking in Canada.

Since establishing a relationship with the organization in 2003, Investors Group has become one of Food Banks Canada’s longest and most supportive corporate partners.

“We at Food Banks Canada can’t emphasize enough the importance of the support provided by Investors Group,” said Marzena Gersho, director of communications. “For Food Banks Canada to really address its mission of reducing hunger in Canada in the short and long term, it needs to start with a credible, professional and effective organization. By providing the significant resources for Food Banks Canada to develop its brand, Investors Group has made an immeasurable impact on the work of our national organization.”

So far, Investors Group invested more than $2.8 million in Food Banks Canada. In 2011, it made another three-year commitment to support the organization.

Support goes beyond financial assistance. Investors Group also assists Food Banks Canada through initiatives such as the Investors Group Comedy Tour and Food for Thought.

The company also enables employees to volunteer with Food Banks Canada and other food banks across the country, in addition to providing support to Food Banks Canada’s board.

Aaron Margolis, vice-president at Product Utilization, served on the board from 2007-2011. His contributions included the development of an effective new brand, strengthened governance and strong financial accountability.

“As a board member, you’re in an oversight role but you still see the massive commitment these folks make,” said Aaron of Food Banks Canada. “I’m certainly proud to have been a part of that.”

“With nearly 900,000 Canadians relying each month on their local food bank to make ends meet, the role of Food Banks Canada is vitally important,” said board member Debbie O’Bray, manager at Career Centre. “I am constantly amazed at how much the organization achieves in the areas of fund raising, food raising and advocating for policies to support those in need. Through its support of Food Banks Canada, Investors Group is making a significant impact on the lives of hungry Canadians.”