Tourism Vancouver Island taking over management of Vancouver Island Visitor Centre

Vancouver Island Visitor Centre (file photo)


Tourism Vancouver Island (TVI) has taken over management of the Vancouver Island Visitor Centre.

Comox Valley Economic Development Society (CVEDS) and TVI have entered into a service agreement whereby TVI will manage the Vancouver Island (Comox Valley) Visitor Centre as well as manage tourism marketing for the communities in the Comox Valley. This agreement took effect Jan. 1, 2021 and will be in place for two years.

“This agreement provides for short-term support for Comox Valley Economic Development Society, Comox Valley municipalities and the businesses it engages with, during a time of organizational change,” said Bill Anglin, chair of the Comox Valley Destination Marketing Advisory Committee. “As CVEDS also navigates the effects and challenges of the pandemic on our local economy and tourism industry, our need for assistance with visitor support and recovery marketing is compounded.”

“Tourism Vancouver Island is leading the tourism industry’s recovery in the Vancouver Island region by adapting to the evolving needs of tourism businesses and communities,” said Anthony Everett, president & CEO, TVI. “We are committed to aiding the survival of nearly 3,500 tourism stakeholders in the region through supports such as our advocacy role to government, Vancouver Island Coastal Tourism Resiliency Program and service agreements, where needed.”

Tourism Vancouver Island periodically enters into service agreements with community destination marketing organizations, or tourism operators, in the areas of marketing, development, governance and visitor support. TVI provides these services where it is believed the expertise of team members, and the stability and structure the organization can provide, improves the tourism eco-system as a whole within the Vancouver Island region and province. Service agreements are typically interim solutions meant to develop long-term resiliency for the partner, and are not profit-driven ventures for the Tourism Vancouver Island business model.

Such an arrangement is not unique.

Examples of past and current Tourism Vancouver Island service agreements include: governance structures for Tourism Ucluelet, marketing services for the Regional District of Mount Washington (Vancouver Island North Tourism), brand identity development for Homalco Wildlife & Cultural Tours, and visitor services for the City of Nanaimo.